Smallville; Starcraft II: am I late to the party?

May 21, 2010 at 12:36 am (Making Sense of Things) (, , , , )

The party being the questions I am both asking and attempting to answer.

I watch Smallville, and I was just now wondering how long this series was going to last. They can’t rightly be done based on the last scene of the season finale – that wouldn’t bode well for the Superman that we all know and expect (what with comics, cartoons, movies all saying otherwise). Or can they? Lex is dead, why should Clark stick around?

And that’s what hit me: Lex can’t stay dead. That’s the third biggest contradiction they could have (the second would involve Lois being dead instead). I thus propose that 1) Lex will return to Smallville and 2) The series will end with a face shot of either Lex turning past us and looking a little to the right of the camera (from the camera’s point of view), or with a scene of Clark in canonical red-and-blue looking off into the distance right after that Lex shot.

If I am right, I will be flaunting it in the year (or two (or three)) that it will take to happen. If I am wrong, my one hope is that someone comments about it. Hah.

I’m probably (here comes my clever inclusion of the title (again)) late to the party, as I’m sure others have already made the same guess about Lex returning before the series would end, but I’m also probably the only one who made the same exact prediction about the very last episode. I challenge the CW to prove me wrong by 1) using my exact prediction and then 2) filming yet another season, just to spite me. Why? Because I actually like the show! Now read the post title again.

The other party has been in Beta for quite a while now, and I, who have been on the Beta waitlist since two hours after it was announced, have only now gotten an invite. I have a Dell Latitude D630 running XP with the cheapest options overall: this means I have an IntelĀ® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100. Integrated graphics cards suck so much, that my guess is that Blizzard wants to know if my laptop will run their game. With the install now complete, I will give it a try.

UPDATE 1: Just kidding, it is now patching. And you got excited! Hah!

UPDATE 2: Patch done! And then suddenly, there was a v12->v12.1 patch that had to happen. Too soon.

UPDATE 3: This is just ridiculous. I’m going to watch My Name is Earl. I’ll figure this out tomorrow. Hah.

UPDATE 4: A day later, on the road, and having patched via a tethered 3G connection, I have finally found my way to the smooth login screen. Unfortunately, doesn’t seem too happy about my improvised internet – I might have to wait until I’m on some respectable WiFi. Still, the fact that the menu loads is a good sign. I did have to reinstall and restart before the patcher worked.

UPDATE 5: Tethered 3G works just fine, but Blizzard decided that v12.1 that I had just finished updating to wasn’t enough, and rolled out v13. Downloading, slowly but surely…

UPDATE 6: Now, 13 patches later, I am about to try running the actual game. Moment of truth…

CONCLUSION: SC 2 runs with an Intel GMA x3100. However, my Dell Latitude D630 apparently lags the game, enough so that lets me know about it. I tried playing an unranked practice and learned two things: 1) Lagging for 5 seconds every 20 seconds will bring me down to 0 of my allotted 45 seconds of lag within 5 minutes and 2) I still suck with Terran.


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