Pharyngitis, Conjunctivitis, MyDoom, and other Viruses. And Politics. Maybe it’s a Mindvirus?

September 27, 2008 at 4:07 am (Wrongs of the World) (, , , )

I am sick, as is much of the rest of the campus. Cold, pink eye, and the last is a joke – I hope I’ve graduated to the point where computer viruses are in the past for me. Being sick means that I still go to class, still do homework, still take tests, still socialize. My routine is not so much broken as it is stressed: I can’t stay awake, I can’t concentrate, I can’t recall previous knowledge, and I can’t spend more than two minutes without breaking out into a scary volley of deep coughs, respectively. Which gets me thinking about the world’s problems.

We are all victims of the world, because of several groups of people: those who want to delegate, and advertisers. Which brings me to voting: the biggest lie out there, composed of a thick collaboration of those two groups of people. In my search for validation for reasons not voting I found Don’, and I think they have the right idea. Unless politics are your passion, you have just about no place voting. Particular policies are generally flopped or flipped upon inauguration anyway, so standing by someone’s campaign is a false hope. Meanwhile, truly understanding a candidate’s motives and underlying plans is an impossible task: not only have that candidate’s views and plans been warped by their party and their staff, but political candidates are professional liars in the public eye. Such good liars, in fact, that they can lie to everyone flat out from one day to the next with no one thinking any worse of them.

When a country is okay with their leaders lying to them, well, it’s finally a proper country of the modern world, right? It’s painful how politics (in USA, Russia, everywhere else) hinges on clear-cut corruption, deception, propaganda, and abuse of power. Although that particular idea can be taken further, because the majority of non political organizations (companies, national agencies, societies, forums, etc) are built from, controlled by, and reliant on that very same political veil. One thing you might say is “Well, Yuriy, you say that’s a problem, but you are doing nothing to fix it!” and you would be missing the point. The problem with the world is that up-front, no-holds-barred, corrupt, deceptive, power-mongering manipulation works, so “fixing” it is out of the question. To convince all of humanity that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is NOT the best maxim to live by is a fool’s errand, but you’re welcome to try it! (It would be like reprogramming society. I might have to find Username God to promote the allegory of our insignificance.)


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