I am a Russian immigrant, American citizen, New Jersey Resident, Carnegie Mellon University student, Physics major, and now a blogger. I enjoy writing down my thoughts, and sometimes think up alternative systems to make things “better”. Physics is my motivator, and everything else is the result. I am a Role Play Academy author, and have retired as Roleplaying Academy Coordinator on RPGFO, a roleplaying forum. I also code, write poetry, do graphic design, and often spend too much time thinking.

This site is that slice of my time which I write down. I think nonstop, as a physicist should, and sometimes I have the notion that my thoughts are worth something. You are here to agree, disagree, and prod. So pick one (or two or three) and have at it: I have insights on a wide variety of topics, from roleplaying to teaching to politics to religion to social structure to control to graphic design to writing, and I’m not afraid to share them.

I am also a Delt and proud of it.


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